Welcome to the Wolverhampton Future Project.

What is the project all about? A vision for Wolverhampton, a dream of a possible prosperous future that, with the right investment and management, our area could have.

We believe in the potential of Wolverhampton.

The City of Wolverhampton Council have some ideas, as reported in the Express & Star in December 2014. We’re looking for concept art, the peoples idea of what would see Wolverhampton thrive. For example, what can we do to attract investment? What could we do to show businesses what an attraction Wolverhampton is?

We have a few ideas:

  • Incentives for businesses to either set up in or relocate to Wolverhampton along with promoting the replacement of relatively recent eyesore buildings (such as, for example, many ’60s era concrete office blocks) with new build, aesthetically pleasing buildings that are both purpose built & architecturally appropriate for the area that they are sited in. A new ‘invest in Wolverhampton’ website could be created to list incentives and draw in businesses.
Concept art – a future Wolverhampton
  • Making the most of what we have by using available technology. Wolverhampton has some wonderful architecture and buildings that we simply don’t make enough of. We also have an amazing history full of key historical figures that simply isn’t well known because the information is not well shared – or the means don’t exist to easily get this information out there. We propose the use of technology (primarily the creation of phone applications) to disseminate this information. We feel that if people had easy access to information about the city, they would feel better about it.
  • Designating the greater Chapel Ash area an ‘Artists Quarter’. Chapel Ash is an iconic gateway to Wolverhampton city centre with a unique character of its own. It also seems to draw in all sorts of creative people, from artists to musicians. With some investment Chapel Ash could be restored to its former glory and encourage small businesses and start ups to move & set up here, further contributing to the organic growth seen recently.
  • Look at enhancing the city centre – ways of bringing in and retaining businesses and footfall.
  • Parking. Despite varied efforts to increase the amount of people coming into the city centre (the area within the Ring Road) by way of public transport, foot or bicycle, the lack of adequate, well priced parking is a constant irritant to Wulfrunians. We propose (with investment) the construction of three new build green multi-storey car parks along side the outer rim of the Ring Road (roughly evenly spaced and decreasing the need for traffic to enter the inner Ring Road) with adequate modern pedestrian / cycle bridges running from the car parks over the Ring Road and directly into the city centre for easy access.

More ideas to come..

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