We are embarking on a couple of projects that will put Wolverhampton in the spotlight..

And we need your help!

Wolverhampton Wikipedia Project

Our city and its surrounding villages are represented on the worlds biggest online encyclopaedia – but not to the degree they could be. Most people are aware of Wikipedia, but not many know how it works or how they can contribute. We will fill in the gaps and explain how you can edit and update articles on our city and beyond.

Wolverhampton History Project

We have started a Wolverhampton history project, currently in the form of a Facebook group called Wulfruneheantun – old Wolverhampton. The group has a couple of loose goals which, if you’re a local history buff, we would like your help on. The project has these aims:

1. Working towards a 3D map of Wolverhampton circa 1750, using the Isaac Taylor map & the oldest photographs and drawings from the time as a guide.
2. A study of Wolverhampton’s tunnels – real or a myth? There doesn’t appear to be anything published about them, but people on various groups claim to have entered them or know of them. We want to get to the bottom of this.
3. Local area history. The current bounds of Wolverhampton encapsulate various smaller areas that did have their own individual centres.
4. Wolverhampton’s beginnings – including the archaeology, early English settlers in the area, and the place names.
5. A definitive list of Wolverhampton’s pubs – including names and where they were situated. Extra information is a bonus (such as which brewery owned the pub, who the licensee was, if the pub no longer exists, when did it close).
6. People with access to old books, or even regular users of Wolverhampton Archives.

Wolverhampton Future Project

We aim to look at ideas that would improve Wolverhampton and its surrounding villages and discuss how these ideas could be put into practice. From recycling and renewable energy to encouraging businesses to set up in Wolverhampton, we want to put forward a vision that, whilst retaining and celebrating Wolverhampton’s unique heritage, will thrust the city into the 21st century by encouraging investment and new construction. See more here.

Support Your Independent Businesses – Independent Wolverhampton

A drive to further establish Wolverhampton’s independent and small business by looking at and developing various methods towards them gaining the recognition and custom of local people. See more here.

The Artist’s Quarter, Wolverhampton

Working alongside other agencies, groups and local businesses to give Wolverhampton’s emerging artist’s quarter in the greater Chapel Ash area recognition. See more here.

Do you feel you could help with any of the above? If so, please contact us.

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