We are a Wolverhampton & South Staffordshire community website with a focus on news, events, sports, music, food & drink and our brilliant heritage.

We are passionate about our area, with a love of Wolverhampton’s history and a desire for the area to thrive and see a successful future. We believe that the area’s future success will be built on a mixture of big, known brands and – especially important, start-ups and small independent businesses choosing Wolverhampton as their base and growing from there.

Why the Wolverhampton area?

Wolverhampton occupies a unique geographic position. We are just over 12 miles from England’s second city, Birmingham (17 minutes by train) and 63 miles from the northern giant of Manchester (1 hour 10 minutes by train). This central location gives businesses easy connections to both north and south – as well as the technology corridor running west along the M54 between Wolverhampton and Telford.

The cities east and south form part of the Black Country urban conurbation, with all the technological expertise and supplies a business could need within just a few miles. It’s west and north blend into the South Staffordshire countryside. Wherever you are in Wolverhampton, you’re not far from the green belt, and Wolverhampton’s west in particular is a pleasant place to work and spend leisure time.

We love this area for many reasons; the people, the buildings, architecture and location being just a few of these – and we want to see Wolverhampton punching above its weight in the future, something we truly believe is possible with the right people pulling together, positivity and some investment. We may have been an industrial powerhouse in the past, but who’s to say we won’t be living in a technology rich hub with a city centre populated by enterprising businesses, restaurants, cafes, shops and top quality pubs and bars in the not too distant future?

West Wulf features the Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire border area, but also pushes out to feature news and events over a much larger geographical area.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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