Roadworks taking place during lockdown

Roadworks taking place during lockdown

Have you noticed road works and pavements being dug up this last couple of weeks? There’s a lot of work taking place that is seemingly taking advantage of quieter roads in the area following government instructions on only leaving the home if necessary. What are these roadworks taking place during lockdown? Let’s have a look.Relaying workSurface relaying

Surface relaying

The City of Wolverhampton Council are taking advantage of the lack of traffic on roads throughout the city, by relaying surfaces. With the abundance of broken up tarmac and increasing pot holes, this work will be very welcome – and will become particularly evident when Wolverhampton gets moving again when the COVID-19 pandemic abates.

The relaying roadworks taking place during lockdown are currently taking place in Claregate and Aldersley.

roadworks taking place during lockdown

CityFibre broadband

In February, CityFibre were chosen by the City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver full fibre connectivity as part of a 20 year contract. Work began in March and is ongoing. Keep an eye out on the Bilston Road, Stowheath Lane, Sutherland Avenue, Codsall Road and Green Lane. The work will provide full fibre broadband beyond the street cabinet to right outside houses – replacing thew old copper cables we have used up until now.

Wolverhampton centre works

Within Wolverhanpton Ring Road, particularly on the western side, there is an ongoing highway transportation development improvement scheme. Also, the repaving of Dudley Street is ongoing.

Severn Trent works

Severn Trent are working in several areas of Wolverhampton. There are roadworks in two places in Woodcross as Severn Trent repair leaks. There is also a boundary box installation at Wolverhampton Street, Bilston. In the city cente there is ongoing repair work on School Steet near The Way Youth Zone. At Cannock Road, Fallings Park there is further repair work and also major works at the junction of Linthouse Lane, Wood End Road and Lower Prestwood Road in Wednesfield.

Do you want to see where roadworks are either planned or ongoing in our area? Take a look at the One Network map – here.

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