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Chilli sauce from Wolverhampton

While you might consider the title incorrect, as in reality our chilli sauce from Wolverhampton actually comes via Merthyr Tydfil’s Chilli of the Valley, it was conceived and trialed in Wolverhampton by Rich ‘Shakey’ Ingham. And it wouldn’t be too far a stretch of the imagination to guess that Shakey’s latest sauce, Love Hate, has sold incredibly well on arriving in Wolverhampton this weekend. In fact, a conversation with Louise Clive, one half of the team behind the Keg & Comfort Micropub on Stafford Road, Oxley, has revealed that seventeen pre-orders were made at the pub. This came on the back of a sample bottle that stood on the bar alongside cheese. Not bad for one micropub considering Shakey’s sauces are very small batch.

But it’s only a sauce, right?

You may be wondering why a sauce is worth covering here. The simple answer is because it’s so good. Love Hate is described as a yeast extract chilli sauce. When you think of yeast extract, there’s one big brand that comes to mind – Marmite. Picture a sauce form of Marmite – but with a good chilli kick. Now you’re getting close to the flavour of Love Hate. This sauce certainly won’t be for everyone. But if you’re a Marmite fan AND you like things a little on the spicy side, you need to get hold of a bottle of Shakey’s Chilli Shack – Love Hate.

Produced by Shakey alongside Dan Reed at Chilli of the Valley, all indications point to Love Hate doing as well (if not better) than Shakey’s In the Valley, the last popular sauce cooked up by Shakey’s Chilli Shack in Wolverhampton and produced on a larger scale at Chilli of the Valley. Shakey’s in the Valley was a hit amongst those who got hold of it last year – so much so that more was produced and it is available alongside Love Hate and the many excellent Chilli of the Valley sauces over on the Welsh businesses online shop.

Those in the know will be aware that Johnny Scoville (chilli eating champion) shared some with his son on a video review towards the end of last year.

Hoping to get hold of some directly from the man himself? Shakey has already sold out of his own allocation over the last few days – so you’ll need to hope there’s some left on the Chilli of the Valley website. If you really want to ask though, you may be able to track Shakey down at Hail to the Ale or Keg & Comfort. Take it from us, your cheese on toast needs chilli sauce from Wolverhampton (via Merthyr Tydfil). It can’t be too long before Shakey is appearing at food festivals selling his own sauces.

Love Hate – Sold out

Buy some Love Hate from Chilli of the Valley here.

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