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West Wulf is now eco-friendly

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West Wulf has moved from to www. – and in the process, we’ve gone eco-friendly. Our site is now hosted by GreenGeeks, a carbon-negative hosting company based in Santa Monica, California, USA. For this reason we can truly say we are carbon reducing (though negative may be a push due to the tech we use at West Wulf HQ – computer, smartphone and so on). GreenGeeks on the other hand are not just carbon neutral, they are carbon-negative.

Carbon-negative? How so? GreenGeeks purchase energy, via Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Oregon, from wind farms. Three times as much wind energy is purchased than the total energy consumption of GreenGeeks’ servers, personnel and so on. That excess energy is put back into the grid. On top of this, they score highly for speed and uptime – all very important. Ticking these boxes and being eco-friendly was important for us.

Eco-friendly next step for West Wulf

West Wulf has been in existence for a few years now and the time was right to expand on the original premise of news and events page. Being able to do this in an eco-friendly manner if possible was always high on the agenda for us. We can now put out our Wolverhampton area based content with a clear conscience!

If you are looking at starting a website or moving your hosting to an eco-friendly provider, we thoroughly recommend GreenGeeks. Click the above image to be taken to their page (in a new window) and you can also be confident that you are doing your bit for the environment simply by choosing a green host. Setup was easy and the GreenGeeks team were on hand to offer support throughout the process. What are you waiting for?

We just need a UK based GreenGeeks to put green energy back into the grid this side of the Atlantic now!

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