Love is in the air at Sacre Brew

..Love of good beer that is. Despite the theme of Sacre Brew’s latest event being ‘Anti-Valentine’s’, there was plenty of love for the beautifully crafted product that Gwen Sanchirico is producing.

Gwen Sanchirico of Sacre Brew

On the whole, Sacre Brew remains a bit of a secret in Wolverhampton. It’s not commercial.  There’s no heavy promotion – the quality of the beer is all the promotion that’s required. Many local beer drinkers who consider themselves knowledgeable when it comes to all things local beer goodness, don’t know about Sacre Brew. It’s true that Gwen’s beer isn’t available everywhere. In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to find it in Wolverhampton city centre* in general. It’s certainly not available in pubs at the moment. Which is why events at the brewery are such a success – they create the opportunity for people who appreciate fine beer to come together and enjoy it. No, it’s not exclusive – anyone who enjoys good beer is welcome to Sacre Brew’s events and as word gets out, more people are coming to enjoy some very different beers.

The Anti-Valentine’s Shindig at Sacre Brew

For the Anti-Valentine’s Shindig, a new addition to the brewery – a bar, along with some seating. Despite it being chilly (the centre piece to the seated area being a radiator), people were soon warmed up by friendly talk and Gwen’s delicious ‘Mocktails’ – a mixture of Sacre Brew beers with a suitable fruit juice. My particular favourite being the Nevermore – a blend of Wild Winter porter with cherry juice – delicious!

As the day progressed, people came and went with a few staying on, seemingly with the aim of sampling as many beers and mocktails as possible – a selection of snacks providing ballast.

Sacre Brew events are currently few and far between, but we’re looking forward to the next event.

*In Wolverhampton city centre, visit Arena Theatre or the Hungry Bistro for Sacre Brew beer. The Wineseller at Compton also stocks a good range, or visit the brewery on Monmore Road near East Park.

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