Summer Row take two?

It’s not difficult to miss the transformation taking place in Wolverhampton city centre at the moment. Demolition is taking place on Bell Street where the south facing wing of the Mander Centre is to be removed, replaced with a shiny new build Debenhams store and many shops in the centre are now boarded up ready for expansion and construction. Just around the corner, we have the Summer Row area. Prior to 2008’s financial crash, this was to be Wolverhampton’s flagship development. A new outdoor shopping area stretching from Worcester Street to Snow Hill and encompassing all that lay in between. Existing businesses were served compulsory purchase orders and things looked good – until investors pulled out. The money was no longer there.

Changes are afoot at Snow Hill & Cleveland Street.

Since this dark time, things have picked up. There are several new tenants on Cleveland Street. The old Panahar restaurant building – unfortunately something of an eyesore as it reached the end of its life, has been pulled down. And next? The building that sits near the corner of Cleveland Street and Snow Hill – the former Netto, is to be demolished, temporarily turned into car parks whilst the City of Wolverhampton attempts to secure investment. We have our own hopes for this area – large enough to encompass something special, something that will bring people back into the city centre.

About to come down – the landscape changes.


Our hope?

A cinema encompassing an entertainment complex – maybe an ice rink. Just a short walk away from Wolverhampton’s new youth zone, The Way, a cinema would bring in young people and families – groups that Wolverhampton needs to keep attracting if it is to thrive in the future. Southside could really be something.


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