Bilbrook Juniors fundraiser

You may have read recently in the Express & Star that Bilbrook Junior FC, based on Pendeford Lane in Pendeford, have had their goalposts vandalised during the weekend. 

Bilbrook Junior Football Club is a voluntarily ran sports club with several teams for players with ages ranging from young children to adult men & women’s sides. They are based on Pendeford Lane in Pendeford, Wolverhampton. On Sunday night, vandals broke into the ground and ripped out the goalposts, bending the crossbars and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage – many of the goalposts cannot be salvaged and are now scrap.

As Bilbrook Juniors is a volunteer ran organisation, the club does not have reserves of money to pay for new goalposts and security – meaning that matches of a weekend for 300 (mostly) children are cancelled. My brother plays for Bilbrook Juniors and I know how much his weekend matches mean to him and his team mates – football at Bilbrook Juniors means that children are keeping fit, learning about teamwork and discipline and are kept off the streets.

We’ve started a fundraising campaign to help this voluntarily ran football club fund new goalposts – link directly above. Can you help? We need to raise around £2500 – easy if people care about this community club. Please help us share, spread the word, even a small donation takes us towards this goal.

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