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Chapel Ash is an exciting place to be and some quality independent businesses are underpinning this by choosing the area to set up. One of these businesses is Vaal & Vaal, a new women’s and men’s salon which opened on 12 October in the revamped Charles Clarke building on Merridale Road. Their catchphrase is apt and accurate – More than just hair. West Wulf attended Vaal & Vaal’s launch night to see what this new business will bring to Wolverhampton.

Vaal & Vaal. Hair and hair, men and women, retro yet modern.

The first thing you notice on entering Vaal & Vaal is the brilliant mix of old and new. Think part Victorian barbershop, part ’60s salon with an industrial twist that has appeared in 21st century Wolverhampton. The wallpaper is beautifully retro, with framed images of various icons and models adorning the walls. The floor consists of reclaimed floorboards from a property in nearby Finchfield – a nice touch showing that Vaal & Vaal is not just in Wolverhampton, but of Wolverhampton too. White tiles line the centre mirrored table which divides the room in two – one side for women, one side for men. Yes, this is a place you can book up and attend as a couple, Vaal & Vaal cater for both women and men. This isn’t the only way the business is different though, because as the catchphrase suggests, V&V is more than just hair. You can sit down to a coffee or a cocktail during your appointment from the V&V branded fridge (which sits in a wooden cupboard made of re-purposed storage crates).


In the corner of the room is an oil drum with ‘V&V’ painted on – this is being used as a table for the launch night’s DJ and again gives the business an industrial, edgy look. All of the work to the room was done by the owners and their family – not just graft in pursuit of a dream, but a real personal touch that works.
You’d expect to find Vaal & Vaal in London, Birmingham or Manchester, such is the energy and drive generated by the business and it goes to show the faith that business owners are putting in Wolverhampton’s revival.

V&V – Bringing something new & exciting to Chapel Ash.

Director, Harper Gill, tells us that Vaal & Vaal is more a lifestyle than a salon. An appointment isn’t a quick fix – a thorough job is done and the customer gets to relax during the appointment, which will last at least an hour and a half. It’s clear to see from our chat that Harper cares about both customers and the area that V&V has set up in. Even the name has something to it – Vaal & Vaal means ‘hair and hair’, in the case of this business, woman’s hair, man’s hair.

The Vaal & Vaal fridge. You WILL relax here.

Vaal & Vaal is so new, their website isn’t yet up and running but you can find it here –

Also, Facebook – & Twitter –

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