Local art exhibition today – Wild Bytes Cafe

We’re blessed to have such enterprising talent in Wolverhampton – so much so that there’s no way we could cover each and every event – and that’s just the independent ones. Today, between 6pm & 9pm at Wild Bytes Café on Darlington Street, you can see the artistry of local people in Wild Wool Wednesday, a local art exhibition.

Wild Wool Wednesday at Wild Bytes Café.

For those who don’t know, Wild Bytes is an independent café vying for trade alongside the high street giants – and we think it outdoes them in many ways. For a start, it’s an internet café, it has a constant display of local art, it hosts games nights and provides a platform for writers to come together. On top of all this, the food and drink is very good and if this most friendly of cafés had a watchword, it would be ‘community‘.

Wild Bytes Café is located in the old art shop between Beatties and the Post Office on Darlington Street. Visit their Facebook page for up to date information and news here.

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