Labour take Wolverhampton, Conservative the United Kingdom

As the final results trickle in, Wolverhampton’s political map has seen a change following the announcement of results at 5:35am as Labour’s Rob Marris took Wolverhampton South West from Conservative incumbent Paul Uppal. It was always going to be a close race between these two candidates and the people have decided by taking Labour’s vote share up from 15,653 in 2010 to 17,374 today, leapfrogging Paul Uppal who increased his share of the votes by 229. Rob Marris is no stranger to Wolverhampton South West, having previously held this seat up until 2010.

Wolverhampton South West result is announced at Aldersley Leisure Village

Where Labour now have a full house in Wolverhampton and are celebrating locally, those celebrations are tempered by what has happened nationally. Conservative have an overall majority – something that was not predicted prior to the election. It is a narrow majority, but a majority nonetheless. Scotland have almost unanimously voted the Scottish National Party to the detriment of both Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Liberals have seen the vast majority of their seats wiped out, with previous supporters possibly punishing them for what was seen by many to be a deal with the devil and lack of action when in the coalition with Conservative. Nick Clegg has stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats, talking about the seeming death of British Liberalism in the face of Scottish Nationalism and English Conservatism. Likewise, Nigel Farage of United Kingdom Independence Party has resigned having failed to win his contested South Thanet seat, UKIP only taking one seat despite a surge in national support.

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