Sacre Brew launches fundraiser

Wolverhampton microbrewery, Sacre Brew, has launched a fundraiser to raise money for a new bottle filler for the brewery. Currently operated by owner Gwen Sanchirico, the brewery has a small bottle filler capable of filling four bottles at a time, though not always successfully as is pointed out in Sacre Brew’s blog. A new bottle filler costs £1500, with a total fundraising goal of £3500. Sacre Brew is a 200 litre microbrewery, operating from its brew studio in Stowheath, Wolverhampton since May 2014.

A Sacre Brew bottled beer, Laniakea

More to come on Sacre Brew soon. If you feel you can help with the fundraiser, visit the Bottle Filler Fundraiser page. Sacre Brew accept donations by PayPal or bank transfer.

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